When the spirit of an artist is boundless and ecstatic to experiment with all the senses that provoke life, a luminous essence of quality is expressed. Embracing each moment and the adventures that emerge as a source of inspiration gives rise to the Artist’s channeling of visions. Connecting intimately with the subject’s vital presence and interpreting that experience through the exuberance of color, form, intuition and rhythms of physical vibration transforms into the wondrous alchemy that leads to the dance of a complete painting. Each of these elements interconnects to create a spontaneous celebration, culminating in a woman’s art collection.

Danvy Pham was born in Saigon Vietnam, raised in Paris France and lived in the metropolises of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Growing up she was encouraged to observe her diverse environments and nurture her colorful imagination. Her journey as an artist began when she discovered a profound calling to “know thyself” and the propensity to become aware of one’s consciousness. Living the path of an artist has given her a reverence for life, tremendous joy and a deeper resonance. Having such an affinity to portray life from an authentic perspective, she is naturally drawn to capture an eccentric flowing mood in her paintings. Being exposed to the worlds of acting, dance, yoga (kundalini), meditation and sound with fascinating mentors, she has been able to blend all of these cherished interests into a distinct painting style. Her artwork often glows with intense and vibrant hues from watercolor and oil mediums. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Ms Pham continues to flourish as a painter.