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Soul Essence Portrait is a custom made to order service and collaboration between the artist and client. Danvy Pham intuitively feels on a multi-sensorial level and connects intimately with the vital force of the subject at hand whether they be babies, kids, people, pets, memories, manifestations, feelings or vibrations of energy. She projects her creative visions through the art of painting.

Using your photographs, the artist channels and translates the messages into a vision of artful expressions. This uniquely personalized process will reveal the hidden spirit underneath the physical being and allow the soul's true essence to surface. The end result is expressed into a portrait or an abstract painting that invokes a powerful feeling of bliss. An experience to remember, Soul Essence Portrait is a way to discover the mysteries that lie beneath and cultivate the infinite source within all of us. This is a loving and creative idea for gifts, special occasions or a spiritual journey of the self through a visual medium. A perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, expression of love, unique gifts or just because.


  • 18 X 24 inches or 22 by 30 watercolor paper 
  • additional sizes are available upon request


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Available upon request any size of existing original art.